Shri.D.T. Srinivas, Secretary.

The college is sensitive to the forces of globalization and its effect on Indian education. The country today needs to develop engineers who know the best technology and can deploy it to produce the best products and services. We need engineers who can translate requirements into real functional systems. Our results are exemplary both from the point of view of pass percentage as well as from the placement perspective.

We are constantly reviewing our teaching-learning processes to make them modern and keep them unto date. Engineering students today should be well-rounded problem solvers who go beyond the confines of their functional units. Whereas carrying out one?s function is important, this function is to be seen in the larger context of the value addition that a corporation wishes to provide. Therefore, taking responsibility for and being a player in the total value addition process is of the essence. This makes our students highly employable in international industry.

Ultimately, responsibility for learning lies with the student. The best teacher, the best resources and infrastructure, the best atmosphere comes to naught if the student does not put in the effort to learn. Given the high rate of obsolescence of technology, the chance is that the technology taught to the engineering student in college shall not be used for long after the student passes out. Therefore the acquisition of basic principles and fundamental concepts is the only learning that remains. Thereafter, the student stays abreast of technology by on-the-job and life-long learning. We at SEACET are driven by this underlying view of education. While providing good infrastructure, teaching resources, library and laboratory, we impress upon our students the importance of original thought and learning how to learn. We believe that much of our success is due to this.

Obviously, the key to good education is good faculty. We have a very rigorous faculty recruitment process. Faculty interviews are conducted by the best selection boards in the country. Invariably these boards have members from the reputed bodies and others in the institutions in and around Bangalore region. Only about 5-10% of the applicants are finally selected. This rigorous procedure brings in the best faculty for our college. SEACET provides an educational experience that is at once enriching empowering and enlightening. The SEACET can hold his\her head high in the community of engineers and technologists.

 With Regards,
Shri D.T.Srinivas, B.E.(Civil) Mtech,M.A.,M.B.A,
Secretary, S.E.A.E.T.