Research & Development Center - P.hD


Research and Development centre is coordinating multidisciplinary research in applied mathematics and computer science. It focuses on multidimensional growth for the development of science and technology. It mainly focuses contemporary area graph theory. DNA computing, automat and formal language. its objective is to identify the real life problem and giving solutions to the problems using parallel computation. Faculty member of this research centre have published research papers in referred journals and conferences and they are tin the process of submitting research proposal to the universities.

The Computer science and engineering department is and R & D centre for PhD’s approved by VTU. The department is having highly competent faculty comprising of four professors withPh.D.

Computer science & engineering Ph.D program lies at the heart of the department and is heavily integrated with our research activities. The goal of the program is to teak people with raw talent and intellect, nurture them in our environment through a thorough immersion in research and coursework, and produce well educated researchers and future leaders in computer science.


It refers to creative work undertaken on systematic basis with the intention of making a systematic basis with the intention of making a discovery that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures to improve the existing products or procedures.


The institute is engaged original research of the highest standard, it aims at leadership in technological innovation that would result in all round industrial growth.

The Mechanical engineering department is a R&D center for procuring doctoral degree approved by visvesvarya technological university, belgaum. the department is having highly proficient faculty members comprising of five professors with Ph.D.

Our research programme that focuses on one aspect of the diverse and interdisciplinary fields of mechanical engineering. The department’s research thrust areas include advanced power systems. mechanics of multi scale materials etc.


The ideas talents and skills of management scholars, scientists, engineers and other technical professional are an R&D is greatest asset. In educational institutions whose most valued product is essentially ideas, the important of effective of human resources cannot be overemphasised.


Our objective is to promote large size research projects, undertaken by research scholars which aim at grand or fundamental shifts understanding.

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