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Sri. A. Krishnappa, a visionary, educationist and a philanthropist founded the South East Asian Education Trust in the year 2000. Krishnappa was a successful politician who remained in mainstream politics for nearly 3 decades.S.E.A.C.S.A.M believes in a value-driven organization the culture that motivates students, staff and our faculty members to think of education as something that helps to unfold and express yourself to be performers and achievers through learning and self realisation.S.E.A.M.S. understand that there are no shortcuts to becoming achievers in their personal and professional life.we are providing Exciting internships & placements, Add on courses and specializations at industries, A well-stocked library with periodical and titles, E-learning facilities & Communication Lab and Comprehensive career development programme. The S.E.A.C.S.A.M campus is exclusively designed to meet the high standards we have set for ourselves that can compete with the best technical institutions in the counter.

Infrastructure Spread over a sprawling 16 acres of land consisting of lush greenery and extensively landscaped gardens harmoniously combining with the world-class facilities consisting of heritage the protected building, state of the art teaching and research facilities, food court, hostels, in door and outdoor sports complex and other amenities.


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Under Graduate Programs

The BBM programme provides a high quality professional education in management for young men and women who wish to join at middle level positions in industry. business and non-profit organizations and to seek entrepreneurial or self- employment positions. The rigorous training offered by the college helps the young minds to prepare for the challenging managerial opportunities of the 21st century. Our training programme focus on equipping each individual with conceptual. analytical communication skills and healthy attitudes to ensure for excellent performance and committed service. We are always enthusiastically striving towards achieving our mission - which is to provide students with a sense of history, an understanding of values and ethics, a commitment to law and morality an appreciation of human creativity, and an analytical quest. The department has the best input of students. They work very hard with our core values - discipline dedication and deference. The collective effort of the staff and students evident from the excellent results and placements Program Aims: management ideas and concepts. Enabling students to acquire contemporary • Developing the ability of students to apply such concepts to practical situations. • Providing a comprehensive learning experience, designed to meet the needs of Global Business. • Facilitating learning through complementary networks of students, faculty and industry professionals
The program aims to educate students in the science and practice of IT The emphasis is on hands-on practical training of software development. The curriculum prepares students for a career in the fast lane of software development and programming. The program enables the student to be updated on the latest revolution in technology and equips him/her with the required skills and knowledge to assimilate into the industry at content delivery is uniquely complemented by extensive practical training The course covers computer programming. algorithms problem-solving, software development, mathematics, artificial intelligence, software engineering operating systems and his and so on. Programme Aims: At the undergraduate course, students get strong exposure to all the nuances of computer sciences more specifically in programming languages, software engineering computer design and architecture. Interact with real-life situations and to build systems which can be efficiently processed on computers • Take Up positions in systems management and project management in leading IT corporations. • To develop sound practical skills to enable them to address problems that arise from computer systems and applications.
(Mathematics, Electronics & Computer Science) This program is designed to prepare individuals who are technically sound & capable of fitting into the modern IT environment in the present industry scenario. This study program roots the Individual with a solid technical background & real-time experience on tools to handle the most demanding aspects of information systems. This course provides a broad outline of various aspects of information systems and delves in a broad manner into the different ways of Information handling. transmissions & processing The program requires students to take courses in programming data structures algorithms, numerical computation databases, computer graphics, software engineering, operating systems & programming languages. The course keeps every student updated on the latest information technology relating to the immediate industry scenario. The practical exposure with the right dosage of theory ensures the student is molded to the optimum degree to undergo the rigorous requirements of the demanding knowledge Industry. Programme Aims: To learn in detail Electronics, Communication System, DSP, micro processing programming and semiconductor technology. Students will be engaged in Electronics and Computer Science Projects. To understand software development; learn in detail major programming of Computers To learn advanced mathematics, such as numerical analysis, calculas, linear programming & complex analysis. • Students will be engaged in Electronics & Computer Science projects.
The program enables students to complement the study of accounting and finance with the study of computer applications relevant to accounting. Computers have penetrated into every sphere of life and accounting and finance are no exception. Knowledge of accounting and computers is very essential for young aspirants to make a jumpstart in their careers. The course target those who are eager to acquire knowledge to enable them to compete in the globally recognized economy. The content delivery has undergone an adequate improvisation curriculum. Sufficient exposure to computer application is provided enabling the student to be well entrenched in both business accounting and computers to meet the demanding requirements of the job scenario. Programme Aims: • To provide a strong knowledge in areas of Finance, Management and Marketing • To develop confidence in analysing, evaluating problems and taking decisions. • To develop skills and techniques in chosen discipline with ethical concern. • To provide a special emphasis is laid on student development with an approach to need-based training.
Combinations Offered 1. History, Economics, and Optional Kannada. 2. History, Economics, and Optional English. 3. History, Economics, and Political Science. 4. Sociology, Economics, and Political Science History Modernist history claimed its legitimacy as a discipline through the pattern of past reality. Hence, modernist historians articulated that ignorance of the past brought condemnation of living perpetually in the present. The postmodernist has challenged the notion of the past as it actually was, mapping out the inconsistencies of history. Rethinking history as a discourse through which meaning is created rather than discovered, stresses the cultural process of knowledge creation and organization, rather than seeing knowledge as a is a kind of discoverable. This is an alternative view that sees history truth-making rather than truth finding discourse. Sociology The course aims to provide a systematic introduction to sociology. It lays emphasis on the theoretical and methodological functions of Sociology. Equal importance is given to a systematic introduction to the sociological studies in India. Contributions of eminent Indian sociologists and substantial themes of Indian Society are included in the syllabus. The students are exposed to divergent perspectives with Sociology and acquire the necessary skills to understand various social phenomena through the perspectives of Sociology.
The M.Com. program is intended to support students who wish to pursue a professional career in academics Choice of a career in academics is less seen as a preference particularly due to its requirement to acquire higher / research qualifications to reach a position of standing and also due to existence of better paying job avenues. Nevertheless, the career is well rewarding and satisfying for those who have a liking for teaching and are inclined to stay in academics to excel in their knowledge areas. Program Aims • To enable the students to acquire the necessary skills and strategies to cope with the ever-increasing requirements of industries and businesses in the globalized era. • To help the students to acquire up-to-date knowledge of information technologies and business trends. • To compete in the global market for BPO outsourcing and other international jobs Course Duration: It is 2 Years (4 semesters) Full-time program. In which 3 semester 1.e. approximately one-half years will be classroom teaching. The students will have to do a project/dissertation. Students are to devote time to placement activities and are encouraged to take up part-time assignments. Brief Course View: • Financial Management • Management Accounting Quantitative Techniques • International Business • Cost Accounting Taxation • Investment Banking • Insurance

At S.E.A Institutions, Economic and
behavioral models are equally valued. This
freedom enables faculty and Prospective
Student alike to take advantage of the rich
breadth and depth of intellectual inquiry
found across the international composition
of students and range of scholarship mimics
the global business community of the 21st
century and fosters highly creative problem

Post Graduate Programs

To enable the students to acquire the necessary skills and strategies to cope with ever-increasing requirements of industries and businesses in the globalized era To help the students to acquire up-to-date knowledge of information technologies and business trends.
English Economics Journalism & Mass Communication
Computer science
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