our department has developed throughout the years to portray its excellent academic performance. The department has pulled in an expanding number of students aspiring for a technical career in information technology. The department has close interaction with companies such as EMC, TCS, Infosys and IBM to promote student projects. The department has an outstanding placement record. We Provide customary and significant criticism to students about their presentation and progress . Our Faculties are excited about their occupations and take great pride in inspiring the next generation of professionals

Information science engineering (ISE) is affecting all organizations and administrations. Data Science is a field that has contracted the world, brought distant places closer, caused a man to connect with data and peoples with the speed and power of lightning. Information science designing empowers a network of information over the globe with a click of the mouse. the modern tech-savvy world, information science as a branch of engineering has been luring students because of its vast scope and opportunities. The fundamental focal point of this branch is the design and implementation of information systems. The Information Science program prepares the student to design and manage computerized data processing and decision support.


The laboratories in the department are equipped with hardware and software that are compliant with industry standards in terms of technology and the environment. Well furnished and networked with uninterrupted power supply systems


Today Software Engineering, as a discipline is a cornerstone of the information technology sector and a significant factor in our economy. There is a huge scope of placements in ISE. It has taken the top position in placements as compared to the other fields. Information Technology is one such field in the designing that clears path for a sparkling future. A degree in ISE can set you up for a wide scope of vocations such as Computer Industry, Financial Services Sector, Telecommunication Industry, Biotechnology industry, e-commerce Services etc.