Software engineering is the Science and Technology of the systematic and robotized handling of data. It has become one of the most important pillars of modern data processing as well as information and communication technology and of each modern industrialized society in general

The Department is always on the lookout for career counselling talks, seminars, workshops and placement talks that are valuable to students. All students compulsorily experience CAMPUS CONNECT pre-placement technical training Programs. Career guiding and special certification programs guarantee that no students need to sit tight for work after their graduation

Our Faculties are enthusiastic about their occupations and take great pride in inspiring the next generation of professionals and provide regular and meaningful feedback to students about their performance and progress


The laboratories in the department are equipped
with hardware and software that are compliant
with industry standards in terms of technology
and environment, The labs are air-conditioned,
well furnished and have back-up systems


The Computer Science & Engineering program thus provides a professional education in computer science and when the graduate engineers pass out, they are recruited readily by the industry. Career opportunities include developing software systems for a diverse range of applications such as user interfaces networks, databases, forecasting, World Wide Web support, medical, communications, satellite and embedded systems. The explosive growth of the internet provides numerous jobs for those familiar with internet technology. Self-employment opportunities are many. we make the dreams of all our students come true by placing them in the best of companies.