All the students are hereby informed that an anti-ragging committee consisting of the following members is constituted. Students may contact the members for any related cases for assistance at the numbers indicated against their names in the table below.

Sl. No Name Designation Contact
1 Dr. V. R. Manjunath Principal 9686353940
2 Prof. Mallesha.M HOD CSE 9448559487
3 Dr. Venkatanarayana.B HOD ME 9448956755
4 Prof. Pradeep Kumar.N.S HOD ECE(PG) 9739048542
5 Dr. Ananthapadmanabhan HOD ECE 9880250477
6 Dr. Manohar.H.S HOD ME(PG) 9036731035
7 Prof. Venugopal.K HOD CIVIL 9611101886
8 Dr. Sundeep Kumar.K HOD CSE (PG) 9845225038
9 Prof.Gayathri.N HOD ISE 9845438847
10 Dr. Priya Raina HOD MBA 9811555606
11 Dr. Vidyavathi Shastri HOD Basic Science 9945417872
12 Inspector of Police K.R.Puram Police station, Bangalore 8022942553

In case of any ragging related incidence brought to your notice or conveyed over the phone by students, members should immediately take appropriate measures to assist the victim and bring the matter to the notice of Principal for further action against guilty.All the members are hereby informed to keep a continuous watch and vigil in the College campus as well as hostels and ensure that no Ragging incidence takes place.