S.E.A Evening College

(Affiliated to Bangalore University & Recognised by Government of Karnataka.)

About S.E.A Evening College

S.E.A. Evening College Faculty and Staff understand that pursuing a degree requires flexibility and perseverance. Our Continuing Education department offers quality, academic education for those seeking evening and weekend degrees through part time study.

The original purpose of starting a evening college is to provide higher education for the discontinued and drop outs with the intention of improving their chances of employment. The advantage of evening college is that “they can learn while earning”. The college timing being in evening, it will be convenient for them to attend to classes after their work in the day time.

The college premises comprise of spacious building, well kept and sprawling lawns, play grounds, computerized library, offices, staff room, lecture rooms and computer laboratory. Thus, well equipped for all academics, sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through out the year.


B.A (Bachelor of Arts).

History Modern history claims its legitimacy as a discipline through the pattern of past reality. Hence, historians articulated that ignorance of the past brought a condemnation of living perpetually in the present. Rethinking history as a discourse through which meaning is created rather than discovered, stresses on the cultural process of knowledge creation and organisation, rather than seeing knowledge as a kind of discoverable.

The course aims to provide a systematic introduction to sociology. It lays emphasis on the theoretical and mythological functions of Sociology. Equal importance is given to a systematic introduction to the sociology studies in India.

Political Science
The course aims to provide a imparting knowledge of indispensable institutions, concepts and ideals. The study of the subject enables an individual to learn art of government and administration.

The undergraduate economics courses provide a sound theoretical basis in economic theory supplemented by practical applications of theories. The first four semesters are devoted to give a firm background in microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics and international economics. In the fifth and sixth semesters, the student take two compulsory courses namely Indian Economy since Independence and Financial Economics.

Tourism Management is the study and analysis of the trends in the tourism industry. This course prepares the students with the skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities required to succeed as professionals in the tourism industry.

This course is affiliated to Bangalore University & is aimed at equipping students with the conceptual knowledge, analytical & life skills coupled with communicative skills in the sphere of Journalism. Reinforcing this will be the multi-dimensional approach to communication through the study of English & Political Science. This course in Humanities will prepare the students for a career in Journalism, Communication, Advertising, Film & Public Relations, Teaching, Publishing, Research, and Writing & Civil Services.

Eligibility for Admission Students who have completed two year Pre-University Course of Karnataka State or equivalent.

Duration B.A Degree shall extend over a period of three academic years.
B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce).

The world economy generates millions of dollars in revenue every year. Managing these funds properly requires many highly skilled people. The study of commerce opens up various career options. A few of them include economy, accounting, banking, company secretary, statistics, stock brokerages, Chartered finance analysis. Each of these requires sharp skill sets and years of practical experience. The practical experience is condenses into modules and imparted to the student with a comprehensive approach, that's the PISM expertise at work.
On completion of this course, you will be knowledgeable and skilled in the efficient design of software and in the modern mathematics that can be applied to all aspects of software design, development and verification. You will also know enough about the hardware to exploit its potential to the full with your designs.

Course Features
The course covers all the major area of Finance, Business Law, Banking, Computers, Communications Skills. Personality development, Management Information Systems, Taxation, Production Management etc. In each area , topic/units are arranged in such a way that the student learns from the concepts in logical style to maintain perfect harmony and continuity, Subject advancement is made in subsequently succeeding years where the students specialize in specific areas.

Students who have completed two year Pre-University Course of Karnataka State or equivalent.<

B.Com Degree course shall extend over a period of three academic years

Course in Brief
1. Financial Accounting
2. Principles of Management
3. Business Statistics
4. Marketing Management
5. International Business Management
6. Indian Constitution
7. Entrepreneurship Development Program

1. Accounting Group
2. Finance Group
3. Marketing Group
4. Human Resource Group
5. Insurance Group

Specialization Subjects
1. Social and Mathematics
2. Science and English