S.E.A College of Education

(Affiliated to Bangalore University & Recognised by Government of Karnataka)

About S.E.A College of Education.
The core mission of S.E.A College of Education is to become one of the leading institutions in the nation for pursuing a career in education and to emerge as a model institution for other programmes of professional education. It offers outstanding opportunitues for students, faculty and staff through its strong commitment to excellence in teaching, research and service.

We offer the B.Ed. course to the individuals who choose academics as their profession and mould them into professional teachers, skilled with the latest tools and techniques.

Education is fundamental right in our democracy. But quality education is the motto of the institution. We believe that teaching is an art and a science. With the correct mix of technology and human touch we empower the aspiring teachers to propagate education through the rungs of the society so that they serve the nation while making a satisfying career for themselves.

The college’s teacher preparation program deepens both content and pedagogical knowledge for teachers. Field studies and internships integrate hands-on training with course work on campus.


B.Ed ( Bachelor of Education)

The core curriculum in education at B.Ed. levels encompasses philosophical, psychological, sociological and political aspects which form the foundation for developing the mental-set with regard to pedagogy. Its relevance in teacher education is kept in mind. In psychology of teaching & learning, development of the learner, learning, motivation, intelligence, personality and exceptional children form part of the core curriculum. Psychological tests and case studies provide a practical basis to the study of psychology of teaching & learning. It is a two year duration academic programme encompassing the philosophical, psychological, sociological and political aspects which form the foundation for developing the mental-set with regard to pedagogy in Teaching-Learning process.

Eligibility for Admission
A citizen of India who has passed any Bachelor Degree examination of Bangalore University or any University in India or aboard recognized as equivalent through 10+2+3 pattern of education obtaining 50% of marks in aggregate of all the subjects.

B.Ed Degree shall extend over a period of two academic year.

Course in Brief
1. Philosophical and Sociological Principles in Education
2. Content & Padagogy of Computer Technology / Home Science / Business Studies
3. Content & Padagogy of Kannada / English / Hindi / Urdu
4. Psychology of the Learner and Learning
5. Development of School Education
6. ICT in Education
7. Content & Padagogy of Physical Science / Commerce
8. Evaluation in Education
9. Content & Padagogy of Social Science / Biological Science / Mathematics
10. Management of School Education
11. Educational and National Concern

Future Prospects
A highly respectable, rewarding and lasting career, schools in the private and government sector- both within and outside India offers the first level of opportunities, This apart coaching centers, training centers, corporate HR departments, NGO’s will also offer career opportunities to the specialized candidates with experience