The Laboratory in the Physics Department is well equipped, qualified , experienced and dedicated faculty along with technical staff helps the student to gather knowledge in theory and applications. Our Lab is well established with all facilities.

  • LCR Circuits (LCR Set uo Kit)
  • Zener diode (Diode Kit)
  • Transistor Character Trans.(Transister set up Kit)
  • Verification of Stefan's law (Stefan's law setup Kit)
  • Laser Diffraction(Laser diffraction setup)
  • Photo Diode (Photo Diode setup kit)Dielectric Constant
  • Young's modulus(Young's modulus setup)
  • Fermi Energy
  • Torsional pendulum(Torsional pendulum setup)
  • Newton's rings(Newton's rings setup)
  • Black box experiment(Black box experiment setup)
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