The students of S.E.A. College of Engineering & Technology shall follow strict discipline and code of conduct as indicated below. If they fail to follow the Code of Conduct they are liable to prescribed actions as per the Institute norms.

  • Students are strongly advised not to miss any lectures, without justified reasons. 85% attendance is mandatory in all the subjects and those who fall below the prescribed attendance will not be permitted to appear for the semester examinations as per VTU rules.
  • A student can avail leave, if extremely necessary on genuine grounds only after obtaining prior consent from the Principal.
  • The students shall respect their teachers and behave with reverence and order.
  • SEACET prohibits Smoking, the abuse of alcohol and drugs by students. The college prohibits the unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of illegal drugs and expects the students of the College
  • Students must not indulge in Theft or damage to the property of individuals or the College. Further, they should refrain from acts such as Assault, Physical abuse, Verbal abuse, Threats, Intimidation, Harassment, Coercion, Sexual
    Violence etc.

Anti-Ragging Policy

Ragging is a social menace and is strictly prohibited at the SEACET, its hostels, playgrounds, and other college premises. The Anti-Ragging Committee consisting of the Principal, HODs and senior staff members endeavor constantly to make every effort to keep the SEACET campus Ragging Free. The offense of ragging is not only punishable under the provisions of AICTE, VTU and Karnataka State Government Act, but also under various provisions envisaged in several sections of Indian Penal Code. Students involved in such obnoxious practices will be liable in addition to prosecution before the criminal courts, for rustication, dismissal, and expulsion from the colleges.